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In a few words ...

My wife and I made the bet of exploiting an area of ​​vines on a “human scale”, to be able to care for each vine, each branch, each cluster, cultivating each acre with a pickax, following time and the seasons. ​ Our vines are therefore managed in accordance with their plant cycle. Working the soil aims to naturally strengthen the plant. Pruning respects sap flows and organizes the need for each vine to “recharge” itself at least every other year. ​ Our wine is authentically organic and duly certified since 2011. The vine is treated with contact products which do not infiltrate the roots at the risk of going back to the grapes. Therefore, it grows with a better habit, greater vigor, greater leaf density. The foliage falls later in autumn allowing the vines to store more, better and longer. ​ The harvest is manual, precise, delicate. It is done at the phenolic maturity of the grape. The juice is extracted and vinified with the most modern technologies, allowing optimal control of fermentation temperatures. ​ Aging lasts 12 months. It is made in high-growth French oak barrels. The latter are carefully selected for the quality and density of their wood as well as their traditional medium-long toasting so as not to artificially woody the aromas of the wine. ​ Our Santenay red, located in Côte de Beaune, Côte d'Or, grown at the foot of the 12th century Romanesque church of St Jean de Narosse, comes from the PINOT NOIR grape variety. It will easily keep for 10 years. ​ Our White Burgundy, located in Côte de Beaune, grown on the silt left by the Dheune river, comes from the Chardonnay grape variety. It will easily keep for 7 years. ​ Making wine is a profession of passion! Don't risk asking winegrowers about their wines... The wines speak for themselves, taste them! ​ Philippe and Marie-Odile

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